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Diamond Falls Nature Trail

Please note: due to major damage during Hurricane Tomas the Nature Trail is presently being repaired. If you intend to come for the Nature Trail please contact first.

The nature trail leaves the gardens and winds between tropical rainforest following the old ridge trail that was once used to collect the harvested coconuts being brought to the estate’s copra ovens. The bird call of St. Lucian Orioles, Hawks, Doves can be heard high up in the canopy.  Many other bird species reside in this peaceful forest of second growth Red Cedar and Mahogany they call home.

At the trail’s end you will come to the Old Mill & Waterwheel, built in 1765, which was originally used to crush sugar cane.  Later, after the devastation of the sugar industry the estate went into lime oil production.  Inside the Old Mill you can still see the wooden vats that were used to ship the lime oil to Europe.

The waterwheel continued working crushing limes and then later was used to generate the very first electricity to the village of Soufriere.  Each house had two light bulbs and the price for electricity was 1 shilling a month.

The first commercial electricity was hydroelectric and the water to power the hydro plant was supplied through the aqua duct that brings the water from the Soufriere River through Soufriere Estate. The river and aqua duct still supply water to the waterwheel today and can be seen at the Old Mill.

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